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Auto Antiques is open once again!

NY State law dictates that all customers and staff wear a mask and practice social distancing. If you do not comply - you will be asked to leave. No Exceptions!

Auto Antiques, the northeast's sole source of old car books, ads, brochures, magazines, signs and diecast and plastic scale models, is located at 603 East Main St., Palmyra, NY on NY State Route 31/21 between Syracuse and Rochester.

Palmyra is situated 25 miles southeast of Rochester, 8 miles north of NYS Thruway exit #43 and 70 miles west of Syracuse.

Several years ago our store was featured on Mohawk Valley Living, a program broadcast on WKTV in Utica, NY. If the video doesn't appear below, try viewing it on YouTube.

Auto Antiques - 603 East Main St Palmyra NY

603 East Main St Palmyra NY 14522


        Friday, Saturday & Sunday - Noon 'til 6:00 pm

        Other times by chance or appointment

        (call 315.502.0011)

If you're traveling from out of town, please call or write several days in advance to make sure we'll be there when you arrive.

If you've visiting Central or Western New York anytime soon please stop by AUTO ANTIQUES, our retail store located at 603 East Main Street (Route 31 & Route 21), Palmyra, NY 14522. Click here for pictures of our inventory.  We have a large selection (5,000+) of rare & out of print automotive books as well as a substantial (50,000+) collection of automotive-related magazines, sales brochures and advertisements. We also carry several hundred original and reproduction signs, 5,000 Hot Wheels & Matchbox cars plus the Northeast US's largest (3,000+) selection of collectible 1:43, 1:24 & 1:18 scale die-cast trucks and automobiles.

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Several years ago the store was featured on Mohawk Valley Living, a program broadcast on WKTV in Utica, NY. The video is available for viewing on YouTube (fast forward to 15 minutes).

        Click here to watch

The following story involves a young boy and a local car dealer - the boy being Newark, NY historian John M. Zornow:

"Read the Fine Print

"Everyone has a story of their first car or the one that got away. Here is my story of a 12-year old kid and one of his adventures on automobile row.

"Every time I see a 1941 Pontiac I think of the time that I almost owned one, at the age of 12! Well actually I never came close to owning the Pontiac, but I really thought I was going to make it my first car.

"The Pontiac dealer in Newark, New York in 1955 was Warchall Pontiac. The dealership was not on automobile row, West Union Street, but over on North Main Street, the other side of the tracks. (This building is now Northside laundry and pizza.) Thadious Warchall had taken the Pontiac store over that year from longtime auto dealer Christy McMann, who was now in the mobile home business.

"Newark, N.Y., located on the Erie Canal between Rochester and Syracuse was a middleclass town of about 10,000 and had a dealer for every make of car, all the majors as well as Kaiser, Packard and DeSoto.

"At the age of 12, I like many others had a morning paper route that provided spending money. It was the end of June and school was out! I looked in the Penny Saver, an advertising flyer, for other jobs a kid could do and, there it was. Warchall Pontiac was having a sale and 99 cents would buy a car if you were the first one to get behind the wheel when the dealership opened!

"Wow, you are off to a good start said my mother when I had my papers delivered so early that day. Lots to do I replied as I took off on my bike, headed for the 99 cent sale!

"I made it there in plenty of time for the 9 a.m. opening and saw three cars, a 1941 Plymouth, 1941 Pontiac, and 1946 Plymouth, all available for the 99 cent deal. I was already a General Motors fan and picked the 41 Pontiac four door Torpedo, opening the door and claiming my spot behind the wheel. I waited patiently, thinking of what I would do with my car and how I was going to get it home, when a loud voice said: Hey kid make room for a customer. I sheepishly said I am here and have my 99 cents. Another loud voice said no kids!

"What was this? I soon had my first lesson in fine print. The offer was for adults only.

"Flash ahead over 50 years. I am retired from a big Rochester company and working part-time for the local publisher who was still printing the Penny Saver and in the attic he had one of every issue ever printed. I sorted through the stacks of musty flyers and there it was, fine print and all.

"Warchall’s 99 cent sale - First adult behind the wheel."

John M. Zornow

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